Video is our craft and calling

We understand just how important high-quality video production is to delivering your message, so we produce videos of the highest creative caliber at any budget level. We don’t just know how to produce pretty images, we understand what it takes to make sure those visuals connect with their audience and compel them to act.

We genuinely love collaborating with our clients

We’re looking forward to going down this road with you. We’re not fortune tellers and we can’t tell you the winning lotto numbers (nobody’s perfect), but we’ll learn your tastes and your needs to serve you better than any other video production company in South Florida. We don’t just take your input and feedback into consideration, we take it to heart. We love the work. This is our passion, our hobby, hell, we live and breathe video production. Because of that, we’ve set the bar pretty high for our competitors and for ourselves. You’d be hard pressed to find a video production company in Miami that does it better.

Our Mission

We want to get your message across with beautiful quality video from start to finish. We are the best full-service video production company serving South Florida.


Founder & Director

Neil Nuñez is a Miami-based bilingual Director with over 20 years of directorial and editorial experience. His work focuses on storytelling and conveying the message clearly and concisely. Delivering the advertising message in the most engaging and entertaining way is Neil’s expertise.

Neil generates captivating images that are totally in sync with the agency’s creative vision, while delivering the marketing message that the advertiser needs to convey. He has been directing and editing since 1998, working on TV commercials, infomercials, and music videos. Over the years, many clients have relied on Neil’s creative vision because they trust that he looks out for their best interests and he is a director that will portray their products and services in the best light. Neil is totally comfortable working with children, adults, and seniors, capturing credible and moving performances from them all.

Video is our craft


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Poller and Jordan Advertising

n2 Productions is a top notch production company. We have been working with n2 Productions, Neil Nunez for over 20 years. He and his staff are talented professionals. They are easy to work with from concept to completion.

Why Choose Us?

We’ve built an extensive network of relationships, body of work and professional experience in our 23+ years of working in the video production industry in Miami.