1-Ton Grip Van Rental Services in Miami

n2 Productions has a fully-equipped grip and lighting van for rent in South Florida. Our 1-ton grip van package comes with everything you need for video productions. Ideal for interviews, corporate videos, indie, and student films or small commercial shoots. Pair it with our lighting or yours.

Your complete, effective, and affordable grip van package

Serving miami and south florida for just $450 a day.

At n2 Productions, we understand that every video production project has unique requirements. That’s why we offer our fully equipped 1-ton grip van for video production in Miami and South Florida. Our grip and lighting van package includes everything you need for interviews, corporate video productions, indie films, small commercial shoots, and student films. Additionally, our grip van is perfect for photographers, providing all the essential gear for a successful shoot. Pair it with our professional lighting equipment or use your own to get the perfect shot.

Our 1-ton grip van package is built around a 2017 Ram 1500 Promaster with custom built shelving and storage that maximize the ease and flexibility of storing and accessing gear. The high ceiling and bright LED cargo interior lights make working inside the van a breeze. Our van also features a backup camera, sophisticated alarm system and security locks.

Our goal is simple.
Provide an affordable complete van-package solution.

2017 ram 1500 promaster grip van package includes


(10) 40″ c-stand w/head & arm
(2) 24″ c-stand w/head & arm
(5) Beefy Baby light stands
(2) combo stand 3 section, 2 risers
(2) combo rolling stands
(2) boom poles

Nested Apple Boxes

(4) full apple box
(4) half apple
(4) quarter apple
(4) pancake


18×24: single, double, silk
24×36: single, double, silk, aluminum
(3) 4×4 floppy
(4) 4×4 aluminum frame
(2) bounce Boards: 4×4
(4) furniture blankets


(8) 25 foot heavy duty stingers
(8) 50 foot heavy duty stingers
(2) Household Dimmers
(6) Cube taps
(1) Power Strip

Miscellaneous Grips

Assorted grip clips
(2) baby plates
(2) duckbill holder/platypus
(2) foamcore holder
(2) scissor clip
(2) jr. to baby adaptors
(2) 4 1/2″ jr. grip head
(1) 8″ c-clamp w/baby pin
(2) mafer clamp w/baby pin
(2) end jaw cardellini


(1) Partial Roll 216
(1) Partial Roll 251
(1) Partial Roll 250
(1) Partial Roll 410 OPAL
(1) Partial Roll CTB Full
(1) Partial Roll CTB Half
(1) Partial Roll CTB Quarter
(1) Partial Roll CTO Full
(1) Partial Roll CTO Half
(1) Partial Roll CTO Quarter

6 X 6 Frames (2)

6×6 silk quarter stop
6×6 silk half stop
6×6 black/white solid
6×6 single net
6×6 double net
6×6 1/4 Silent Gridcloth
6×6 Bleached Muslin

Miscellaneous Grips Cont.

(2) center jaw cardellini
(1) baby offset
(1) baby triple header
(1) baby to junior swivel pin
(5) safety cable
(1) 6′-step ladder
(8) 25-lbs sand bag
(9) 35-lbs sand bag


Hamper with 10″ pneumatics
48″ Rubbermaid Cart with 8″ pneumatics
Sand Bag/Muscle Cart
Senior Magliner Cart with Stand Caddy


(1) 2″ Paper tape-black
(1) 2″ Gaffers tape-black
(1) 2″ Gaffers tape-white
(1) bag of C-47
(1) Black wrap partial roll
(1) Paper towel roll
(2) #8 sash cord
(1) black trick line


Ratchet Straps
Milk Crates
7-foot loading ramps

No production insurance? no problem!

n2 Productions ONLY sends out our van with one of our driver/crew members, not included in the day rate. We offer either a Driver/PA or experienced Grip/Gaffer that will drive the van to your shoot and work as part of your crew.

Scroll down for a list of lighting gear to supplement your van package.

1-ton grip van for video production

Lighting available for rent with our van package

Nanlux Evoke 1200B Bi-Color

Light only: $185.00

Fresnel Lens $75.00

Octagonal Softbox (59-inches) $35.00

Nanlite Forza 720B Bi-Color

Light only: $125.00

Fresnel Lens $25.00

Aputure Light Dome (59-inch) $30.00


Nanlite Forza 300B Bi-Color

Light only: $75.00

Fresnel Lens $25.00

Aputure Light Dome (36-inch) $25.00 per day


Intellytech LightCloth Mega 8
3.0 RGB LED Flexible Mat

Light only: $85.00


Nanlite Forza 60C full color RGB

Light only: $70.00

Fresnel Lens $10.00


Nanlite Forza 60B Bi-Color

Light only: $35.00

Fresnel Lens $10.00


Nanlite Forza 500 Daylight

Light only: $85.00

Fresnel Lens $25.00

Aputure Light Dome (36-inch) $25.00 per day


LiteGear LITEMAT 4 S2 Hybrid
Complete Kit

with SnapGrid 40-degree
$135.00 per day

LiteGear LITEMAT 1 S2 Hybrid
Complete Kit

with SnapGrid 40-degree
$65.00 per day

ARRI Clone 1800 Watt HMI with
electronic flicker free, dimmable ballast

$160.00 per day


Litepanels ASTRA 6X Bi-Color Kit

2 Litepanels ASTRA Bi-Color 6X
2 DoPchoice SNAPBAGs
2 Cloth Sets
1 Pelican iM2750 rolling case
$225.00 per day

Litepanels ASTRA Bi-Color 6X

with Gold Mount Battery Bracket
$95.00 per day

Kino Flo, 4Bank Select 4 Foot,
with True Match Lamps (3200 or 5500)

$75.00 per day



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n2 Productions is a top notch production company. We have been working with n2 Productions, Neil Nunez for over 20 years. He and his staff are talented professionals. They are easy to work with from concept to completion.


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n2 Productions: Your Ultimate 1-Ton Grip Van Rental Solution In Miami

When it comes to video production, having the right tools at your disposal can make all the difference. At n2 Productions, we understand the unique needs of every project. We offer our 1-ton grip production van rental services to support your video production needs in Miami and South Florida. Whether you're working on interviews, corporate videos, indie films, small commercial shoots, or student projects, our fully-equipped grip van is your solution.

Why Choose Us?

Because we make it easy to rent our van package, and our grip van is big enough to carry all the necessary grip and lighting for your video production and still small enough to fit in most parking garages. Our knowledgeable gaffers and grips will drive the van to and from your shoot and work as part of your crew.