Editing and Postproduction Services

Our expertise doesn’t stop when we yell “CUT” for the last time — and neither does our service

It's all about the editor

At n2 Productions, our editors have the artistry and expertise to craft your spot and content in a creative and engaging way. We know that canvas, easel, brushes, and paint, do not a painter make. And that it takes more than just having a computer and software to call yourself an editor. We not only have the latest computers, equipment, and programs but, more importantly, the talent, expertise, and love for the art of editing that it takes to deliver great content.

In today’s world anyone with a computer can call himself an editor. At n2 Productions we know that a canvas, easel, brushes and paint, do not a painter make. It takes more than just the latest software and fastest hardware to be a great editor. That being said, we DO have the latest equipment and state-of-the-art programs, but more importantly; we have the knowledge, talent, and expertise it takes to edit creatively.

Craft your spot in a creative way

We’re not just pushing buttons and moving a mouse around till something “sticks.” We’ve spent over twenty-five years editing everything from commercials and music videos to sitcoms and infomercials. We guarantee we can put your video together both creatively and concisely to get your message across loud and clear. If your content is destined for television, we know all about broadcast standards and are well-versed in providing deliverables that meet them. We’ll even traffic your spot to the station — whether its local or national, we’ve got you covered.

Craft your spot in a creative way

Services and capabilities

  • Digital Video Editing
  • Color Correction
  • Media Encoding, Export to all social media formats
  • Original Music Composition
  • Stock Music

Want to see how well we edit, just take a look at any of the videos we have in our Portfolio and there is your answer.

Editing Services and capabilities

Our goal is simple.
Edit your videos to perfection.

More of our Production services

We produce a wide range of videos from TV commercials and Corporate Videos to Digital Content for Marketing. 

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Crafting Engaging Content: n2 Productions' Editing and Post Production Services

At n2 Productions, we understand that creating exceptional content goes beyond the tools and technology – it's an art form. 

With our seasoned editors and cutting-edge equipment, we offer top-notch editing and post-production services in Miami that breathe life into your vision.

Why Choose Us?

We have over 25 years of experience editing everything from music videos to TV commercials and all sorts of marketing and promotional videos. 
That means we’ll craft your video so that it conveys your message clearly and concisely.