Studio Rental Services

Cater to the diverse needs of content creators, filmmakers, and businesses alike. With versatile space that can be tailored to any video project, big or small.

How big a studio do you need?

Do you have your own lights and crew and just need a space to shoot, or are you looking for a turnkey studio complete with lights, cameras, and crew?

No matter what size studio you need or what it needs to be equipped with, there are plenty of production studio options in Miami.

You’ll find that there are some studios that are nothing more than a plain black or white box, meaning that’s all they are: four walls and a ceiling— you have to provide the rest. If you want a couch or table or desk, you have to bring it. You’re in luck though: we have really talented and creative Art Department professionals that can give you options in style, size, and color for anything you need— and we’ll make sure it shows up at the studio for your production.


Big white box to shoot in

Sometimes you want that big white box to shoot in. By the way, it’s called a white cyclorama or “cyc” for short. Sometimes you need it in green so you can place the person in front of the camera anywhere you’d like. There are studios in Miami that feature both a white and green “cyc” for even greater production flexibility.

white box to shoot in

Roll the cameras

Some studios have environments that are already “dressed,” meaning they have furniture and props set up as places/locations ready for your actors, models, or company execs to inhabit them. All you need to do is roll the cameras. 

In any case, we can not only find the right studio for you, we’ll also coordinate the crew, furniture, props, lighting, and cameras for the production you envisioned.

Roll the video camera

Our goal is simple.
Shoot your project in the ideal studio.

More of our Production services

We produce a wide range of videos from TV commercials and Corporate Videos to Digital Content for Marketing. 

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Why Choose Us?

We’ve been doing business in this area long enough to have developed great relationships with all the local production studios.  We know what each studio can offer AND how to work with the spaces for a variety of different purposes— which means we can find your video project’s perfect match. From a space that looks like a living room, a blank canvas, a green screen, and everything in between, we’ve got the resources and the knowledge to find the right studio for your project— and we can make the ideal space PERFECT for your video production needs.