Put a real face to your message

Interview videos are all about information– whether it’s educational or for telling a story

Benefit from an interview

While interview videos might seem similar to testimonials, there’s an important distinction here: an interview does not necessarily endorse a product or service.

So, when do you need to shoot an interview? Say you’re a hospital talking about a new treatment: you might want an expert on the subject to explain it to your audience. That’s when an interview comes in. You might also benefit from an interview for a research or documentary purpose when an interviewee can tell a story with real human experience behind it.

Interviews can convey information about an industry, services, procedures, products, experiences, events– you name it.

Filming an interview is a really helpful way to paint a picture for your audience.

Our goal is simple.
Create spots that produce results.

Credibility skyrockets with interviews

When you include an expert discussing a subject in a video, you eliminate the inevitable “well, who made you an expert?” You’ve just given them one. Score!

Credibility skyrockets with interviews

People prefer to hear from real people

There’s a reason why we still like to read reviews and listen to folks’ stories: as humans, we like to hear what other people have to say. Interviews are a great method for people to connect with your brand and the message you’re trying to get across

Interviews to hear

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