Videos to reel your audience in

Draw in potential customers and/or consumers with high-quality promo videos!

Draw in potential customers with high-quality promo videos

Promotional Videos are all about, well, PROMO. When you want to promote a particular marketing initiative, event, or sale– you’re in need of a promotional video. 

In a promotional video, you’ll want to highlight the benefits or features of your products and/or services to your prospective customers and clients. Promotional videos can cover a wide range of industries: a dentist might want a video about their practice, while a healthcare corporation might want a promotional video about their members and benefits. Typically, promotional videos are longer than a commercial: they cover a lot more information, and include more CTAs (calls to action) to really get the audience to engage.

Your promotional video might be shown at a trade show, emailed to prospective customers, etc. Wherever it’s shown, the audience is important: it’s all about the final consumer or potential customer!

Our goal is simple.
Create spots that produce results.

Search engines love video

A promotional video is a surefire way to not only engage with your audience, but also drive SEO! It’s a brilliant tactic to drive traffic to your website and drive sales.

Search engines love video

Consumers prefer video!

According to studies, 72% of consumers would rather learn about a product or service from a video, rather than by reading text. Communicate with your audience on their terms and produce a promotional video that benefits you AND them!

Consumers prefer video

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