10 Things your Video Production Company in South Florida Should Bring to Set

Though a paintbrush and canvas do not a painter make, we know quality painters don’t work with cheap brushes and copy paper. It’s easy to find a video production company in Miami, but finding the right video production company brings about a whole other set of challenges.

When it comes to quality video production in South Florida, you’ll need to find a video production company that has the right gear for the job.

Here are a few things your South Florida Video Production Company should be providing for your next project.

(1) Cameras that can record video of the highest quality. It may seem self-explanatory, but the camera your video production company uses is vital to the success of your project. Though some photo cameras can record video, it’s best to find a video production company that uses a video-specific camera, like a Panasonic Varicam LT or an Arri Alexa. State-of-the-art cameras like those can produce high quality video and will ensure your project looks beautiful on any screen.

(2) Tripods and other gear for the camera to be mounted. Different types of gear can accomplish different tasks for your video production project. Mounting a camera on a tripod ensures your video will be steady and stable, but for a moving shot, you’ll want to mount the camera on a dolly, slider, or a gimbal stabilizer. If you want a more hand-held or active feel, your cameraman might mount the camera on his shoulder. And for the ultimate in dynamic, winding shots, nothing beats the Steadicam, which allows your cameraman to wear the camera on a vest and get moving.

(3) Batteries seem like a given, but like your kids’ toys on Christmas, they’re often not included! The right South Florida Video Production company knows that you can never have enough batteries for the camera, monitors, and even lights to be used on set.

(4) Lights are a must have, and LOTS of them. Lighting is perhaps the most vital part of video production, as it can easily make or break a shot. A video production company in South Florida must be prepared to light for all conditions, and to create any and all types of looks. It’s also important to have the right kinds of light. Nowadays, most lights are LED rather than incandescent: which means they last longer, they run cooler (which keeps talent more comfortable on set), and can produce stronger light with less power consumption! They even come in different colors, eliminating the need for gels and making even more looks possible.

(5) Reflectors tie in with lights! When you want just a soft glow, or to direct the light in a more subtle way, bouncing the source off a reflector is the ideal way to avoid sharp highlights and unnecessary amounts of contrast.

(6) Microphones and sound equipment are a must. Even the microphones on the highest quality cameras can’t compare to a dedicated microphone for your talent- and the actual highest quality cinema cameras don’t come equipped with mics at all! Sometimes you’ll want a mic above the talent, other times, you’ll want them to wear it on their lapel, and most times, you’ll want your talent to wear a mic completely hidden from sight. Either way, it’s vital for the video production company you hire to understand how to produce and provide quality audio for your project.

(7) The perfect crew is the backbone to your project. All the right tools and gear are useless without the video production experts to manage and run them. When your South Florida Video Production crew works in perfect harmony, your video production shoot is sure to follow suit.

(8) Expertise is a must with any big undertaking, but it’s especially important in video production. Advancements in technology have democratized the video production industry, but it takes a specialized and experienced hand to really get the job done the right way.

(9) Experience producing your type of content. Some video production companies might specialize in music videos or events, for instance. It’s possible they wouldn’t be the best choice for an interview or tv-commercial shoot! The right video production company will know the difference between delivering a final product destined for broadcast, social media, or the web. It’s important to find a video production company in Miami that has experience similar to the project you have in mind.

(10) A good attitude. It might seem cheesy, but it’s worth mentioning. The right video production company in Miami will treat you and your clients with both professional respect and friendly kindness. When your South Florida Video Production Company is armed with a pleasant disposition and willing to put in the hours, your project is a guaranteed success.

Whatever the purpose or size of your video production project, this list should help you get a better idea of what video production company in Miami is the best one for the job.

Whether you’re planning a shoot, looking for a video production company in Miami, or just searching for some video production support in South Florida, contact n2 Productions for all your video production needs.

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