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Instant video production studio, just add gear…. and professionals of course.

Instant video production studio, just add gear…. and professionals of course.

Video production setup of a doctor interview on green screen studio in a hotel conference room.
Behind the scenes look at a video production setup of a doctor’s interview shot on a portable green-screen in a hotel conference room.

When your subject is a busy professional or executive and can’t make it to the green-screen studio, we’ll bring the studio to them. Hotel meeting rooms can sometimes make for a good video production studio space in which to shoot an interview or testimonial. This interview was shot at a Hilton right across from a renowned hospital in Miami, Florida. We had everything ready when the doctor walked in and he was done in a little over an hour. Pictured is our Varicam LT camera package with a Fujinon Cabrio 19-90 millimeter lens and our interview LED lighting package. Lighting was all LED which keeps the subject cool and comfortable while keeping the power consumption down.

Production assistant stands in to check lighting and audio levels.
Pictured here is Frank our production assistant standing in while the producer checks the lighting and audio levels. Above Frank, is a RODE shotgun microphone mounted on a boom pole. Behind are two Litepanels Astra 6X lights illuminating the portable green-screen.

Speaking of LED lighting, not all LED lighting is created equal for video production. Lighting for your talent/subject is one situation in which “size matters”. For this production we used large LED panels, because large light sources create very soft flattering shadows for your on-camera talent/subject(s). The key-light for this shoot was a LiteMat 4 (almost 4-feet long and 2-feet tall). Those cheap little popular 8-inch LED lights will not produce the same broad soft light that is needed for a true high-quality broadcast look.

The green screen we used was a portable/foldable type with a blue side and a green side (very helpful when your talent/subject shows up wearing a piece of clothing that matches the backdrop). The 5X7 foot size allows for medium waist-up and bust shots.  We can also provide a 9-foot green screen photo paper roll that allows for a complete head to toe shot and can be setup in about the same size space. For audio we used two microphone sources, one was an overhead shotgun microphone on a boom pole and the other a lavaliere microphone was attached to the doctor.  

The two-microphone system helps to ensure “clean audio”.  The shotgun microphone, which is hardwired to the camera, can be the main audio or a safety in case of any sort of clothing rustle noise or interference in the wireless microphone transmission. The shotgun microphone also allowed us to capture the audio of the questions being asked by the interviewer. In this case the audio of those questions was not going to be part of the final video but was needed as reference in editing. 

Magliner Senior camera cart loaded with video production gear.
This is our Magliner Senior camera cart loaded with everything needed for a video interview.

As you can see in this last picture, the whole production package (camera, lights, microphones, stands, portable green-screen and electrical cables) came and went on one cart and was set up in about an hour. That’s what we call efficient and convenient video production service.

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