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We have the know-how to make your video a success.
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Video Production

Videos that sell, compel and propel!

At n2 Productions “Video Production Miami” is more than just a set of keywords that one would use to find us. It is what we’ve done for over 20 years: produce quality videos.
We produce TV commercials that sell, get folks calling and walking in to buy your goods and services.


It's all about the editor.

In today’s world anyone with a computer can call himself an editor. At n2 Productions we know that a canvas, easel, brushes and paint, do not a painter make. It takes more than just the latest software and fastest hardware to be a great editor. We not only have the latest equipment and programs, but more importantly; we have the knowledge, talent and expertise it takes to edit creatively.

1-ton Grip Van Rental

1-ton Grip Van Package

n2 Productions is proud to announce their new 1-ton grip video van package for rental in Miami and South Florida. Our 1-ton grip van package comes equipped with all you need for small productions. It is ideal for interviews, corporate productions, indie and student films or small commercial shoots. Pair it with our lighting or yours.

Teleprompter Rental

Teleprompter Rental Service

Our teleprompter services are available wherever you need us, and our experienced operators are ready for anything and everything. Should any “technical difficulties” ever arise, you can count on our seasoned operators to get everything up and running for you tele-promptly.


It’s all in the details!

We will help you at every moment along the process from planning every detail of your idea, casting the right actors and models, finding the perfect locations for filming, and obtaining legal city permits when filming in public around Miami and Broward.

A Full-Service Video Production Company

"Full-Service" does truly mean Full-Service

At n2 Productions, “full service” does truly mean full service. There’s many moving parts to a production: from the ones that affect the aesthetics to the ones that affect the logistics, and those can mean the difference between success or disaster when it comes to producing your video. We take care of it all for you, from finding your shoot location to making sure we’ve got the right permits to make the shoot happen.

We’ll find your crew, actors, models, clothes for those models, furniture for those models to sit on and cars to put those models in. Whatever your production needs to look its best, we’ll find it; and all within your budget. And, we know “money is no object” isn’t something our clients often say, so we’ve got the creativity to get a champagne aesthetic with a beer budget.

Once “it’s in the can”, we’ll get your video on the screen looking AND sounding it’s best.

Our post production services are not only top notch but boundless. We’ll find you the right voiceover talent: we have a bottomless talent pool to fish from. Your video will have the perfect music humming along with it. We can find you the best-fitting piece of stock music to fit the mood and convey your video’s message, or better yet; we’ll compose it for you. You read that right, we provide original music too.

Take advantage of our many years of experience and connections to make your video a complete success. You don’t have to sweat the details, that’s our job and we love it!

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See What Our Clients Are Saying!

Fantastic team! Reliable and professional in dealing with my clients while guarding our brand and quality.

Daniel Peralta Jacober Advertising

n2 is our go-to for all broadcast and video projects from large to small. Great experiences always.

Juan Carlos Alonso AB&A Advertising

We have made many successful commercials together. During our 25 years of advertising, n2 has always been our preferred video production company because it brings together everything an agency seeks: top-level productions, competent and experienced professionals, deadlines, modern equipment and a fair price. Need I say more? Oh, yes, its owner is bilingual and one of the nicest people.

Lineu Vitale Vitale Advertising

n2 Productions is a top notch production company. We have been working with n2 Productions, Neil Nunez for over 20 years. He and his staff are talented professionals. They are easy to work with from concept to completion.

Richard Del Vecchio Poller and Jordan Advertising

Neil and his team were great to work with. They showed up with a full crew and top-of-the-line equipment. He worked with our budget, but delivered a high quality TV commercial. Would definitely recommend and use again.

Michelle Kutobt Ambrosia Treatment Centers