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Teleprompter Services

Our flexible teleprompter rental packages include on-camera teleprompters,
presidential (speech) teleprompters, and floor mounted confidence monitors
— serving Miami and the South-Florida area.

Teleprompter Rental

When you rent from us, whether it’s one of our presidential systems, on-camera teleprompters, or confidence monitors, you also get our laptops and state-of-the-art software, all with the service of a friendly and professional operator.

Our teleprompter services go where you go. We’ve got gear and will travel. Even if you’re a passport stamp away, we can make it happen. Our seasoned operators always expect the unexpected, and you can count on them to get everything up and running for you tele-promptly.

We’ve worked with everyone from corporate rockstars and former presidents, to singers and celebrities.

Teleprompter Compatibility

At n2 Productions, we’re all about compatibility. Our teleprompter services work brilliantly with Sony FS7, F55, Arri Alexa, Alexa Mini, RED, ENG and countless other high-end cameras of any and all sizes.

Presidential Teleprompter Rental

Live event, live nerves? No problem.

We can get you ready for your event with our Presidential Teleprompter set-up.

We’ve prompted for celebrities like Dwayne Johnson, Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez, politicians like President Bill Clinton and former US Attorney General Eric Holder, and other A-listers and influential figures alike.

Technical Support

Our teleprompter services are available wherever you need us, and our experienced operators are ready for anything and everything.

Life is unpredictable, and sometimes it seems technology wants to work against us. This is never an issue for our battle-tested operators, so your event won’t see any significant delays at all.

Should any “technical difficulties” ever arise, you can count on our seasoned operators to get everything up and running for you tele-promptly.

A Name You Can Trust

For over a decade, n2 Productions has been providing teleprompter services from Miami to the Cayman Islands, to Jamaica and Guatemala, and anywhere else we’re needed.

We’re well aware how important it is for everything to run smoothly, and we’ll make sure there’s nothing but smooth prompting when you call us.

You can trust us to maintain the highest standard of service for your project.

Contact Us

We’ll make sure to get you the right Teleprompter setup for your project, at the right price. We can work with you and your budget to make sure you get what you need.

Our clients deserve not only the highest standard of service, but professionalism and dependability. With our Teleprompter rental services, you get the best of both worlds. We’re ready to face any obstacle and resolve any issue you have, no tissues required.

We’re versatile, quick-thinking, and ready for anything. You can count on us for your next project, no matter what.

You can call us at 305-559-7858, any time.

Teleprompter Tips

  1. Talk to your Operator. Like any successful relationship, communication is key. When using a Teleprompter, don’t be afraid to communicate with your operator. Things will go much more smoothly if you do.
  2. The speaker sets the Teleprompter’s speed, not the operator. Like a musician, a Teleprompter operator follows the speed set by the Speaker, who takes the place of a conductor. If the speaker rushes, the operator has to rush with him/her.
  3. Being natural is key. If you don’t want to sound forced, don’t be forced. Be conversational and professional, not robotic. Keeping this in mind will absolutely result in the smoothest speaking.
  4. Keep it energized. If you’ve ever heard the adults in Charlie Brown, they’re absolutely unintelligible. Why? Because their monotonous tone goes in one ear and out the other. Try and keep your lines energized! It’ll be more fun to read and certainly more fun to hear.
  5. Speak to the Lens. Unless directed otherwise, keep your eyes on the prize, in this case; the lens. The lens is the eye of the camera, and eye contact is key in conversation. Having this in mind will make for a better result.
  6. Know your lines. When it comes to reading material, if you don’t know it, it will show, and your audience/viewers will know. That being said…
  7. Practice makes Perfect. The only way to know your material is to practice it. With practice, even the longest speech can be smooth sailing. Especially when our teleprompter is right there to help you along.
  8. Choose the right teleprompter size. When it comes to teleprompters, size does matter. Make sure you’ve got the right one for your project. Not sure? We can help with that.
  9. Relaxation is key. High-strung nerves will be obvious to viewers. It’s best to try and keep a clear head.
  10. Have a good time with it! Using a teleprompter is an experience not many will have the opportunity to have, so if you use these tips, you’re sure to have some fun with it.

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Fantastic team! Reliable and professional in dealing with my clients while guarding our brand and quality.

Daniel Peralta Jacober Advertising

n2 is our go-to for all broadcast and video projects from large to small. Great experiences always.

Juan Carlos Alonso AB&A Advertising

We have made many successful commercials together. During our 25 years of advertising, n2 has always been our preferred video production company because it brings together everything an agency seeks: top-level productions, competent and experienced professionals, deadlines, modern equipment and a fair price. Need I say more? Oh, yes, its owner is bilingual and one of the nicest people.

Lineu Vitale Vitale Advertising

n2 Productions is a top notch production company. We have been working with n2 Productions, Neil Nunez for over 20 years. He and his staff are talented professionals. They are easy to work with from concept to completion.

Richard Del Vecchio Poller and Jordan Advertising

Neil and his team were great to work with. They showed up with a full crew and top-of-the-line equipment. He worked with our budget, but delivered a high quality TV commercial. Would definitely recommend and use again.

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