Audio & Music Production

Sound is beyond important to videos because it can help deliver information, increase the production value, and evoke an emotional response

Good music and sound design

Good music and sound design emphasizes what’s on the screen and sets the mood and tone.  Not only does sound connect the viewer to what they’re watching, it brings the finished product to life and is vital for engaging, delighting, and entertaining your audience. Sound is just as important as your video’s picture-quality.

At n2 Productions, we have long recognized the value of good audio, music, and sound design— and we’ve always made it an integral part of our productions and our services.  Sound design (the function of matching sounds and sound effects to specific points, events, and cuts in a piece of video) and original music composition can take your video to the next level— and we can make it all happen in our sound studio. We can compose and create original music specific to a piece of video: whether it’s something as short as 30 seconds for a TV commercial, or a few minutes long for a corporate video, we’ll create a one-of-a-kind score for your project.

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The importance of music cannot be overstated

The right piece of music is essential to establishing the mood, tone, and pacing of your video. Working with a composer-musician who understands your project is the key to creating the right piece and bringing the viewer to tears, or giving them a smile from ear to ear— as you intended. Additionally, original music adds an incredible uniqueness to your video.  With a piece created exclusively for your project, you can be sure no one else will have your unique, original piece of music, and that piece will forever be associated with your company or product. It is branding at an extremely powerful level.

The importance of music Audio & Music Production

Music with perfect pacing and subtle cues

Our in-house music maestro Rob More has over 20 years of experience composing music for everything from TV commercials to a nightclub dance floor. Rob has a special gift for getting the feel of a spot just right and making music that draws you in, but doesn’t call attention away from the message. Music with perfect pacing and subtle cues at just the right points are the key to emphasizing the action of your spot. And if you need a jingle to do ALL the talking for you, he can do that too— and he’ll do it brilliantly.

Music with perfect pacing

Radio Spots

We can also produce radio commercials in English and Spanish from scratch where we take care of every step of the process: from writing the script to recording the voiceover, composing the music or jingle, and mixing it all to perfection.

We can also produce radio spots using the audio from your existing TV commercial for a cohesive campaign message across mediums.  

If budget is a concern, we have access to extensive music libraries where we are sure to find the perfect piece of music to fit your spot.   

More of our Video services

We produce a wide range of videos from TV commercials and Corporate Videos to Digital Content for Marketing. 

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