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Video Production with Senior Citizens

Video Production with Senior Citizens

Behind the scenes at a video production studio of a tv commercial shoot with two senior citizens reading a teleprompter.
two senior actors on a video production green screen set

Working with talented senior actors and non-actors is always an enjoyable experience. We have extensive experience producing healthcare TV commercials for Medicare and Medicaid recipients. Neil Nunez has directed seniors of varying experience levels; from seasoned actors to seniors who are on a production set for the very first time. However, in video productions for the senior demographic, often most if not all the folks in front of the camera are senior citizens. Over the years we have developed the skills and understanding to get the best performances from these folks while making sure we provide a stress-free working environment for them. Patience is key when directing in any circumstance, and it’s golden when helping nervous actors through their performance. For productions like these, a teleprompter is an invaluable tool. Remembering lines can be stressful for actors of any age, especially when surrounded by cameras and crew. A teleprompter takes the pressure of memorizing lines and can let the actor be more comfortable with the camera and more confident in their performance. If your brand or company markets its goods and services to seniors, make sure you hire a production company that has the experience and the know-how to direct them in order to achieve the result your marketing deserves. This picture is from a healthcare advertising campaign Neil Nunez produced and directed just a few weeks ago at Grove Studios in Miami .

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